Frequently asked questions


Before buying:

What are Teaballs?

Teaballs are plant extracts or plant components pressed into tablet form. They are soluble in hot and cold water to produce a tea-like beverage and contain no additives.

What distinguishes teaballs from soluble tea?

Teaballs are made of 100% pure plant extracts or plant components. They do not contain any additives. The extract content of soluble instant tea is only about 40%. In addition, soluble instant tea contains sugar, dextrose, sweeteners, flavorings and/or stabilizers.

Are there sample packs of the different varieties?

No, there are no trial packs. However, we regularly publish discount promotions on our social media channels, where you can try our Teaballs at a reduced price.

Is it possible to test your products for free?

In a few cases, we give influencers the opportunity to test our products for free. In return, we receive advertising on their platform. However, a certain reach must be available and the target group must match. We would like to give each of you the opportunity to try Teaballs. But of course this is not possible for free. Therefore we ask for your understanding if we can only accept a few people.

Where can I buy Teaballs?

Teaballs are available in our online store, on Amazon and at Rossman Online. If you'd rather go to a store, visit our Teaballs Finder to find a seller near you!

After purchase:

How are teaballs prepared?

Take 2-4 teaballs per cup (at 200ml), depending on taste, and dissolve them in hot or cold water. Stirring accelerates the dissolving process, although it may take a little longer with cold water. By the way, teaballs can also be used to refine cocktails. One dispenser contains 120 Teaballs, from which 30-60 drinks can be prepared. TIP for preparation with hot water: First put the Teaballs into the cup and then add the steaming water. Otherwise, the steam can get into the dispenser and quickly stick the delicate Teaballs. Translated with (free version)

What is the shelf life of Teaballs?

After opening, they should be consumed within 3 months.

What is that white coating on my teaballs?

This is an ultra-thin layer of magnesium that protects Teaballs from sticking.

Why are Teaballs shipped with a protective cap?

The protective cap is your personal Teaballs protection. It protects the small extract pellets from environmental influences such as moisture, air and sunlight. Thus they last longer and remain strong in taste! So - please do not forget to put on the protective cap again and again after use! If you regularly carry Teaballs in your bag, the protective cap will also protect against powder spills and your bag will always stay clean. Of course, we are always looking for an environmentally friendly alternative. You have an idea? Then please send them to